Young children learn through their senses, taking in information about the world through practical experience as they explore and experiment. We try to harness the children's natural curiosity to encourage and extend their learning. Their desire to investigate all aspects of their world provides the motivation for play. We will ensure that the play and learning opportunities provided at Pre-School cover all areas of development and that for each child there is always a new challenge to move on to. The children at our Pre-School are learning a model of success, building up a picture of themselves as people who can achieve things.

Our aim is that the children in our care will:

  • Develop their full potential at their own pace
  • Enjoy their early learning with us
  • Leave us happy and confident, ready to move on to their school career

"My daughter is thriving in the caring, nurturing, and stimulating environment you all provide. Thank you for all of the hard work you put in to make it a special place."

Girl Drawing - Wonersh Pre-School

We work to achieve this by ensuring:

  • Each child is appointed a Keyworker so we can work in partnership with parents, carers and others
  • Appointing staff who are trained and experienced in the care and education of early years
  • Providing a safe and stimulating environment
  • Providing a caring atmosphere in which children feel secure and valued
  • Providing a pleasurable and rewarding learning programme which covers all aspects of early years development
  • Observing, assessing and evaluating children's progress and planning for the next steps in their development

Download the document below "Meeting your Child's Needs" for further information.

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"All the staff do an excellent job and we are pleased our children have been able to enjoy the benefits of attending Wonersh Pre-School."

"I like the friendly atmosphere among staff and parents, the outside space and equipment, the traditional activities the children do - painting, cooking, singing, cutting and sticking. All my children have loved it. The Pre-school also nurtures independence which is vital for school."

Playing and Learning in a Caring and Friendly Environment